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Life Beyond Earth

This year's Ten Years Hence marks the twentieth year of the lecture series. The theme for 2022, Life Beyond Earth, will explore a number of interesting subjects, including space tourism, commercialization of space, manned space exploration, remotely piloted vehicles in space, asteroids and other near earth objects, as well as a rapidly emerging competition between nations in space. We have selected seven renowned experts to help us understand how developments on and near the earth will affect us all in the years just ahead.

Global Dialogues: The Worsening Water Crisis

Learn about the global water crisis by connecting with partners around the world to study issues of water, including its accessibility, its impact on cities, and its importance to equity and food production.

Journey Towards Purpose

Notre Dame’s Inspired Leadership Initiative will continue our Inspiring Conversations digital series during the 2021-2022 academic year, now offering in-person events, along with a digital option available through ThinkND. The upcoming series "Journey Towards Purpose" will feature well-known leaders who specialize in guiding people toward living more fulfilling and happy lives.

Other Previous Series

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