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Raising Resilient Children

The first 1,000 days of a child’s life are a time of tremendous potential and enormous vulnerability. The work of forging pathways out of poverty for children on the margins and preparing them for life success can happen through the global Catholic Church and its parish system; Home, Church, and School; when other infrastructure fails or is absent. Explore the science of early childhood development and how parents, health professionals, and the Catholic Church can positively shape children’s future outcomes.

Restoring Reason, Beauty, and Faith in Architecture

Our Spring Lecture Series, Restoring Reason, Beauty, and Faith in Architecture, features architects and urban planners from around the world who will ignite participants’ minds as we address the overlapping urban and environmental crisis that we face after decades of short-sighted practices and gains. The series will revise the understanding of architecture from an autonomous fine art practiced for the few to a unified discipline and practice of building urban and environmental design that benefits all of the people of the world.

Black Domers 2

As our nation continues to face urgent calls for racial justice, many members of the Notre Dame family are seeking safe spaces for honest dialogue that can advance understanding and become a foundation for action. It is in that spirit that the Black Alumni of Notre Dame and ThinkND invite you to join us for the second season of Black Domers. We’ll explore experiences of Black alumni and students, imagine the future of social justice, convene Black entrepreneurial and business trailblazers, nurture Black well-being, and cultivate Black spirituality. All are welcome!

Conversations That Matter: Mental Health and the Catholic Church

In 2020, in the midst of the pandemic, the Vatican Dicastery for Integral Human Development called upon the Church to live out its call as a healing community. Today, when one in five Americans lives with mental illness, and one in three report serious loneliness, what does it mean for the Church to be a healing community? Join us as we consider how the Church can better accompany persons and families living with the experience of mental illness.

Shakespeare and Possibility

How do Shakespeare’s works continue to resonate in contemporary culture some 400 years on? Experience Shakespeare and Possibility, a series of conversations exploring how Shakespeare at Notre Dame is redefining what it means to produce Shakespeare’s works onstage and in the community in the 21st century. Discover how our work, consonant with the mission of Our Lady’s University, strives to serve the common good in surprising ways for an ever-changing world.

Lenten Perspectives: The Art of the Raclin Murphy Museum

Each Friday in Lent, ThinkND invites you to join FaithND and the Raclin Murphy Museum of Art for a journey of Lenten discovery through some of the most significant liturgical paintings in the Raclin Murphy collection, challenging you to contemplate prayer, fasting, sinfulness, mercy, grace, and God’s infinite love from the perspectives of the artist’s gaze.

Ten Years Hence 2024: Artificial Intelligence - Promise and Peril

Ten Years Hence: Artificial Intelligence - Promise and Peril is a dynamic virtual course exploring the future of AI. Led by distinguished university and corporate researchers, the series dives into machine learning, security, large language models, and innovative applications. Speakers offer insights into the ethical considerations and regulatory challenges surrounding AI, as well as its transformative potential across industries.

Virtues & Vocations: Conversations on Character and the Common Good

Virtues & Vocations is a national forum housed at the Center for Social Concerns at the University of Notre Dame for scholars and practitioners across disciplines to consider how best to cultivate character in pre-professional and professional education. During our webinars, we will consider issues related to character and work, how to pursue virtues such as hope and wisdom within higher education and the professions, and how mental health and moral purpose connect to human flourishing.

The DEI Podcast with Max Gaston

On Notre Dame Law School's DEI Podcast, Max Gaston '13 J.D. talks with lawyers, psychologists, industry leaders, and thought leaders to explore how human behavior, identity, and difference impact our unique experiences in law, culture, society, and business.

Building an Anti-Racist Vocabulary Podcast

The Klau Institute for Civil and Human Rights presents Building an Anti-Racist Vocabulary, a podcast from the lecture series and associated course presenting preeminent scholars, thought leaders, and public intellectuals to guide our community through topics necessary to an understanding of systemic racism and racial justice. The series is self-consciously an entry point, designed to provide intellectual and moral building blocks to begin the transformative work of anti-racism in our students, on our campus, and in our broader communities.

The New AI

What are the economic and psychological impacts of Artificial Intelligence? What questions does a human-like fluency in language raise for issues of philosophy and theology? Notre Dame has a unique opportunity to bring to bear the full range of the liberal arts to help society tackle these issues. John Behrens '83, the director of the Idzik Computing and Digital Technologies Program and the director of digital strategy for the College of Arts & Letters will explore the presence of AI in our lives from all in angles.

Grace Period

As we journey together through the solemn days of Lent, the Alliance for Catholic Education and ThinkND invite you to join us as we walk toward the light that our faith tells us lies ahead. Join us for Grace Period, a weekly series of audio reflections by Fr. Lou DelFra, C.S.C. ’92, M. Div. ’03, designed to meet your busy schedule and help you pause, listen for God’s voice in your life, and begin anew.

Leadership in Public Conversation

During the 2023-2024 academic year, we are exploring the topic of Leadership in Public Conversation, and are hearing from leaders across disciplines and industries who can speak to relevant topics in today’s world. From a podcaster focusing on fulfillment, to young Notre Dame alumni making their mark in society, and individuals navigating complex current events, all are setting an example for accompanying generations through their personal and professional lives.

Powerful Conversations

What will the seat of power look like in the future? Angela Logan, St. Andre Bessette Academic Director of the Master of Nonprofit Administration Program at the Mendoza College of Business explores a new framework of business leadership in a series of conversations with Black women leaders. Logan and her guests will discuss the importance of race, gender, and faith to the work of leadership.

Wine, Behind the Curtain

Most people enjoy a nice glass of wine with dinner, and some discuss the complexities of taste, but we’re returning to basics. What is wine? How is it made? Let’s start from the beginning and build a base of understanding to explore all things wine in the Wine: Behind the Curtain series. We’ll share how to experience your favorite bottle and what decisions or locations affect its flavor and aroma.

The Secret Life of Spirits

What are spirits? How are they made? Join us for a new series in the Science & Business of Wine, Spirits and Beer family: The Secret Life of Spirits, from the Notre Dame College of Science and Notre Dame Mendoza College of Business in collaboration with the Robert Mondavi Institute for Wine & Food Science at University of California, Davis.

Arts & Culture

Notre Dame continues to explore human forms of expression, innovation, and creativity, reminding us of the uniqueness of the human spirit in the past, present, and future. These learning opportunities will provide avenues for creative exploration and intellectual inquiry through topics such as the liberal arts and social sciences and the ways in which they impact our shared history, our current cultures, and our potential futures.


In a time of increasing globalization, American businesses can be greatly impacted by consumer habits around the world. In these learning opportunities, Notre Dame experts expand upon macroeconomic and consumer trends both domestically and internationally.

Current Times & Social Issues

Though American politics have always been polarized, they appear more so now than ever before. Listen to experts from the University weigh in on the historical impacts and present and future consequences of topics surrounding constitutional law, American history, and institutions such as the Supreme Court.

Global Dialogues

As the world trends toward more interconnectedness and globalization, Notre Dame continues to have a presence around the world from Africa to Latin America to Asia. In the hopes of further promoting human development, these learning opportunities share how the work done both on campus and internationally aims to affect positive, significant, and sustainable change in the world. From issues surrounding migration and religious freedom, to international politics regarding democratization, education, participation, and citizenship, these conversations hope to engage participants in critically thinking about and seeking to improve our global society.

Leadership: Impact, Fulfillment and Well-Being

At Notre Dame, we focus on educating the whole person — mind, body, and spirit. In these discussions, Notre Dame experts examine various aspects of individual or family health, such as resiliency, education, personality, identity, and character development. Whether you work in business, healthcare, teaching, politics, or any other industry, leadership skills are critical to professional development and advancing your career. In these learning opportunities, Notre Dame experts could focus on topics such as corporate social responsibility or becoming a more effective leader.

Religion & Spirituality

Notre Dame believes in educating its students in faith and reason through the study of Catholicism, history of Christianity, world religions, moral theology, and more. Guided by the ideal of “faith seeking understanding,” these learning opportunities cover topics such as early Christianity or Islam, the relationship between religion and science, the connection of Christianity and culture, Pope Francis's vision for the Church, and others.

Science, Technology, Engineering, & Math (STEM)

Notre Dame strives to remain on the cutting edge of education and research in science, technology, engineering, and math. These learning opportunities might explore big data, algorithms in our everyday lives, physics, and more. With technological breakthroughs and evolutions in STEM comes the responsibility of ethical decision-making. These conversations could elaborate on timely issues like public health, antibiotics, regeneration, or healthcare technology, and how experts continue to critically think about and evaluate these new advances.

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