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Lenten Music Through the Ages

The second series of the Rome Book Club invites you into the world of sacred music and how the artistic, religious, and intellectual communities in Rome helped to cultivate arguably the most creative environment for the development of sacred music in history.

Transforming Lives and Lives Transformed

This semester “Inspiring Conversations” will have the theme of “Transforming Lives and Lives Transformed” and will focus on three critical and timely topics: pursuing a Second Act, the intersection of Spirituality and Leadership, and Solving Societal Problems.

TEC Talks: Misinformation and Disinformation

Conspiracy theories and other false claims have always been part of our discourse, even (and perhaps especially) our politics. Modern technologies seem to have changed the scale of the problem. This series focuses on the role of technology in promoting mis- and disinformation, and how we can respond.

Anticipatory Innovation - Capitalizing on Change in Turbulent Times

Has the way we work changed forever? We talk about the future (post-pandemic) as a return to the past — a pathway back to the way we were living, conducting business, and communing — but what can we learn from this experience to better prepare ourselves for the next big change?

Ten Years Hence 2021: News, Fake News, and Deep Fakes. How Do We Know What’s True?

The Ten Years Hence speaker series explores issues, ideas, and trends likely to affect business and society over the next decade. Students, faculty and the community use guest speaker comments as a springboard for structured speculation about emerging issues and the next ten years.

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