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The Global Citizen

At a time when the lives of many have been dramatically disrupted and work, education and society’s functions are in a state of constant transition, this new series from ThinkND will explore this point in history and how the work happening on Notre Dame’s campus and beyond relates to and impacts the United States and the world at large.

Hitchcock in London

Before Alfred Hitchcock moved to Hollywood in 1939, he wrote, designed or directed over two dozen films in London, the city that was his birthplace and that remained a constant source of inspiration. The book club with Professor Susan Ohmer focuses on two of his most highly regarded films that take place in London: The Lodger (1927) and Sabotage (1936).

Leading People in an Ever-Changing World

A new series from the Inspired Leadership Initiative features leaders from across many disciplines and industries. Led by Tom Schreier and Chris Stevens, the concepts of human-centered leadership – mission, empathy, courage, and adaptability will be explored through short videos, readings, and interactive Zoom sessions.

Communicating Across Cultures

Whether you are operating a global business or working within a highly diverse American workplace, effective intercultural communication skills are critical. In this series with Prof. Jim O'Rourke, you will go well beyond a look at customs to dig deeply into the concepts and research that help explain why we behave the way we do.

Understanding the Body with W.B. Yeats & James Joyce

This series, led by Declan Kiberd, will draw our focus closer to the human body, inviting readers to consider how the body is represented in the work of Irish authors W.B. Yeats, James Joyce, Nuala Ni Dhomhnaill and Eavan Boland.

Literature & Film in Lockdown

Literary accounts teach us that plagues and pandemics have recurred sporadically throughout human history, that sooner or later, they pass; that the timing of their passing is maddeningly unknowable; and that in the meantime, people must come up with strategies to psychologically navigate the strange, silent waters of life in lockdown.

What to Believe in Uncertain Times?

This four-part digital micro-course, led by Dr. Paul Blaschko, is designed to help you learn how to constructively debate, positively make arguments, and change or confirm your own beliefs as you find the truth.

What Makes a Life Good?

The first course in the Big Questions program, What Makes a Life Good? features content from God and the Good Life, Notre Dame's innovative first philosophy course, designed and developed by Professor Meghan Sullivan and Dr. Paul Blaschko.

Other Online Courses

In addition to Big Questions, alumni, parents, and friends are invited to participate in MOOCs (massive open online courses) and other online courses offered through the University.

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