The Church in Asia

The Church in Asia

“The Church in Asia” introduces Christianity in China from its entry in the 7th century to the present. From the very beginning, Christian evangelization has been a process of inculturation and of negotiation with other religious traditions, especially Confucianism and Chinese Buddhism. The on-going interweaving of Christian theology and Chinese cultural elements offers a special example of the diversity of the Church today. In this series we will explore the history of Christianity in China and introduce Chinese religions, especially Buddhism, in an open and accessible manner.

Featured Speakers:

  • Gabriel Said Reynolds, Crowley Professor of Islamic Studies and Theology and the Director of the World Religions and World Church Program in the Department of Theology, University of Notre Dame
  • Xueying Wang, Lecturer in the Department of Theology, Loyola University Chicago
  • Dr. Robert Gimello, Ph.D., Research Professor Emeritus in the Department of Theology, University of Notre Dame
  • Rev. Michael Agliardo, S.J., Visiting Research Scholar in the Department of Sociology, Santa Clara University

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