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Career Development

Inspiring Conversations to return this spring with a focus on Transforming Lives and Lives Transformed

The Inspired Leadership Initiative and the Notre Dame Alumni Association have partnered to continue Inspiring Conversations, the fulfilling and successful discussion series...

Global Affairs

Social Entrepreneurship: Why the business community holds the key to poverty alleviation

How can the private sector contribute to poverty alleviation and community impact? Why should business leaders care about poverty? Leaders in corporate social responsibility will...

Science and Technology

TEC Talks: How Social Media’s Obsession with Scale Supercharged Disinformation

Conspiracy theories and other false claims have always been part of our discourse, even (and perhaps especially) our politics. But modern technologies seem to have changed the...

Religion and Philosophy

Episode 18: Noah

What do scriptural depictions of the prophet Noah and the worldwide flood reveal about God’s relationship with humanity?

Health and Society

Blacks in the Arts (Part 1)

How do Black performers maintain their blackness in a predominantly white genre? Are they battling the impostor syndrome? Take a listen!


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