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Religion and Philosophy

Lecture 4: Forming Beliefs In a Social World

In this lecture, Paul looks at how we should think about the fact that many more people disagree with us than we could ever engage in argument. Should such diversity of opinion...

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Religion and Philosophy

Applying the Concepts: How to Avoid an Echo Chamber

In this video, Paul draws on recent work by philosopher Thi Nguyen to explain how seeking out views from those we disagree with can help ensure that we do not get stuck in a...

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Religion and Philosophy

Activity: The Disagreement Test

When we find out that our beliefs are subject to strong disagreement, our initial reaction might be to lose confidence in those beliefs or it might be to dig in and defend them....

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Health and Society

Past Your Bedtime? Inconsistency May Increase Risk to Cardiovascular Health

Despite increasing awareness of how critical sleep is to our health, getting a good night’s rest remains increasingly difficult in a world that’s always “on” —...

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Science and Technology

Galactic Archaeology

Similar to archeologists uncovering artifacts to study ancient civilizations, or paleontologists using fossil fragments to reconstruct the dinosaurs, astronomers observe the night...

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