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Art and History

Fukushima – Resilience, Recovery, and Redemption

On March 11, 2011, the Fukushima coastline in eastern Japan experienced a devastating triple disaster. A 9.0-magnitude earthquake, so strong that it shifted the earth’s axis,...

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Global Affairs

When Four-Stars Align

Join us for a conversation with Admiral Christopher W. Grady ’84, the 12th Vice Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, and General Bryan P. Fenton ’87, the 13th Commander...

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Art and History

Oppenheimer, with Leonard DeLorenzo, Phil Sakimoto, and Ted Barron

In 1965, in an NBC News documentary, J. Robert Oppenheimer reflected on his role in leading the Manhattan Project that yielded the first nuclear weapons by saying this: “We knew...

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Health and Society

Affirmative Action and the Supreme Court

The Supreme Court recently handed down decisions on two critical cases: Students for Fair Admissions (SFA) v. President and Fellows of Harvard and SFA v. University of North...

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