Generative AI in the Wild

How do we work through the extreme excitement, confusion, and fear that result from the rapid evolution of generative AI to understand and embrace these tools across the arts and humanities?

The third event in The New AI series where we discuss what’s happening in the world of AI with cutting edge thought leaders is another step in our journey of understanding the opportunities and challenges of AI with the goal of empowering ourselves to be stewards of, rather than victims of, these new technologies and these new changes. While universities are often criticized for being slow to recognize the pulse of society and the speed at which technology changes in the for-profit sector, the University of Notre Dame is leading the way with a new course called Generative AI in the Wild. John Behrens ’83 and Ranjodh Singh Dhaliwal, the Notre Dame professors who co-teach the class talk with Jack Slattery ‘24 and Ahana Sood ’21, ’24 M.A., who are both Notre Dame seniors and students of the first Generative AI in the Wild class, about the challenges, surprises, and takeaways of this groundbreaking course.

The New AI is sponsored on ThinkND by the Technology and Digital Studies Program in the College of Arts & Letters.  This program collaborates with the Computer Science and Engineering Department and other departments around the University to offer the Bachelor of Arts in Computer Science, the Minor in Data Science, and the Idzik Computing & Digital Technologies Minor.

Featured Speakers

  • John Behrens ‘83 is a Professor of the Practice of Technology & Digital Studies and Concurrent Professor of the Practice in the Department of Computer Science and Engineering. He serves as Director of the Office of Digital Strategy in the College of Arts & Letters and Director of the Technologies & Digital Studies Program.
  • Ranjodh Singh Dhaliwal, Ruth and Paul Idzik Collegiate Assistant Professor of Digital Scholarship and English, Concurrent Assistant Professor, Department of Film, Television, and Theatre; Affiliate, Lucy Family Institute for Data & Society; Affiliate, Notre Dame Initiative on Race and Resilience; Affiliate, Idzik Computing and Digital Technologies Program; Affiliate, Notre Dame Technology Ethics Center; Affiliate, the Program in History and Philosophy of Science
  • Jack Slattery ’24, University of Notre Dame senior student majoring in finance in the Mendoza College of Business with a Minor in Computing and Digital Technology
  • Ahana Sood ’21, ’24 M.A., received her masters degree in English at the University of Notre Dame and graduated in May 2024

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