Algorethics: potentiality and challenges in the age of AI

Explore the possibilities and challenges in ethical governance of AI through algorethics. Algorethics is a term that has been developed since 2018 to denote the need for a study dedicated to assessing the ethical implications of technologies, particularly artificial intelligence. This field of study focuses on issues such as transparency and accountability of algorithms, data bias, and accountability. The goal of algorethics is to ensure competent and shared scrutiny of the processes through which relationships between technology, society, and individuals develop. This is especially important at a time when the widespread use of artificial intelligence can have significant consequences for society. Algorethics seeks to guide data scientists and researchers to build artificial intelligence systems ethically to benefit society as a whole.

Brought to you by the Lucy Family Institute for Data & Society and the Notre Dame Alumni Association.

Paolo Benanti, Third Order Regular Franciscan, AI advisor to Pope Francis

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