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New AI technologies are now generating text, images, videos and music that previosuly only humans could create. These technologies raise fundamental questions about how we think about creativity, economics, social trust and safety, the future of work, and what it means to be human in a world that feels like computers are “doing our job.” Now, more than ever, we need the technology-informed liberal arts to scrutinize the signs of the times and guide our technology infused society.

Notre Dame has a unique opportunity to bring to bear the full range of the technology informed liberal arts to help society tackle these issues. John Behrens ’83, the director of the Technology and Digital Studies Program and the director of the Office of Digital Strategy in the College of Arts & Letters will explore and examine the presence of Artificial Intelligence in our lives in the ThinkND series The New AI. Join us!

The New AI is sponsored on ThinkND by the Technology and Digital Studies Program in the College of Arts & Letters.  This program collaborates with the Computer Science and Engineering Department and other departments around the University to offer the Bachelor of Arts in Computer Science, the Minor in Data Science, and the Idzik Computing & Digital Technologies Minor.

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