What Does it All Mean? The Painting and its Subject

What Does it All Mean? The Painting and its Subject

Finally, we come to terms with the School of Athens. How was it painted, and what does it mean? How do how it was painted and what it means intersect?

The School of Athens: What is it saying and how does it say it?

Presented by David Mayernik

Composition and technique – Perspective, the cartoon, the giornate

Learn about the perspective of the architectural space and the organization of the groups of figures within it.

Plato and Aristotle: Schools of Thought

Presented by David Mayernik

The two protagonists and their allies

How do the two protagonists of the painting, Plato and Aristotle, sponsor the organization of the rest of the figures?

Some particulars: Plato and Michelangelo

Presented by David Mayernik

The medium and the message

We will look closely at two figures in particular. One of them, the subject of week two, may represent Michelangelo. The other, Plato, may also represent Leonardo da Vinci.

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Presented by David Mayernik

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  • David Mayernik, Associate Professor, School of Architecture, University of Notre Dame

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Presented by David Mayernik

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