What is Fresco Painting? Materials and Process

What is Fresco Painting? Materials and Process

This week we will learn about the fresco painting process: What were the materials involved, and how did the artist prepare and paint on the wall? Follow along as a fresco copy of a figure from the School of Athens brings the ancient process to life.

Fresco painting: making a copy of a figure from the School of Athens

Presented by David Mayernik

What is buon fresco painting? The materials and the method.

Watch as we cover the materials of traditional lime plaster, its mixing, and its application to the wall.

The process (Part 1)

Presented by David Mayernik

Drawing, plastering, transferring the cartoon, and beginning to paint

See the fresco cartoon transferred to the wall, and the image begin to emerge.

The process (Part 2)

Presented by David Mayernik

Painting a copy of Raphael’s Heraclitus (Michelangelo)

Watch the finishing touches and what happens at the end of a day’s work, or giornata.

Additional Resources

Presented by David Mayernik

View the Event

Presented by David Mayernik

View the discussion recorded on Thursday, May 13, 2021, with David Mayernik ’83 and special guest Richard Piccolo for a conversation about fresco painting then and now. Register to participate in future discussions.

Listen to the discussion wherever, whenever, on The ThinkND Podcast:

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Richard Piccolo is a painter living and working in Italy. His work has been exhibited throughout Europe and the U.S., and he has painted murals for The Crown American Corp., The U.S. Bank Plaza building in Sacramento and the Hotel Pierre in New York City. His awards include The Edwin Austin Abbey Fellowship in Mural Painting at the American Academy in Rome, a National Endowment for the Arts Grant in painting, and a Classical America Award for Figure Painting. He has a B.I.D. from the Pratt Institute and an M.F.A. from Brooklyn College. Prof. Piccolo  is currently teaching drawing and watercolor at Notre Dame’s campus in Rome, as well as serving as director of the Pratt Institute Architecture Rome Program.

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