Speaker: Dave MacLennan, Chief Executive Officer of Cargill

Speaker: Dave MacLennan, Chief Executive Officer of Cargill

During the second session of “Inspiring Conversations,” we will focus on the topic “Sustainably Nourishing a Challenged, Changing and Hungry World” through a conversation with Dave MacLennan, Chief Executive Officer of Cargill. His team of 155,000 professionals in 70 countries draws together the worlds of food, agriculture, nutrition, and risk management. For more than 155 years, they have helped farmers grow more, connecting them to broader markets. The conversation will explore topics such as sustainable agriculture, innovation, and global leadership during a pandemic. It will also allow the audience to engage in a meaningful question and answer session directly with MacLennan.

Meet the Speaker

Presented by Tom Schreier

Dave MacLennan

Dave MacLennan has been Chief Executive Officer of Cargill since 2013. He is the 9th CEO since Cargill was founded in 1865.

He began his Cargill career in 1991 in the Financial Markets Division, helping establish Cargill’s proprietary financial business in distressed asset investing and trading, serving in that capacity in the Minneapolis and London offices. After serving as Chief Financial Officer of the Financial Markets Division, he moved to Geneva to head Cargill Energy. He also supervised several businesses in Cargill Protein and later, Food Ingredients, before becoming Chief Financial Officer in 2008 and Chief Operating Officer in 2011. 

Introducing Dave MacLennan, Chief Executive Officer of Cargill

Presented by Tom Schreier

Tom Schreier, Founding Director of the Inspired Leadership Initiative, provides an introduction to this weeks’ topic and conversation with Dave MacLennan, Chairman and CEO of Cargill. Links to the supplemental videos referenced in the introduction are included in the “Additional Resources” section of this site. 

Sustainably Nourishing a Challenged, Changing, and Hungry World

Presented by Tom Schreier

Tom Schreier provides an overview of the topics that will be discussed during the live interview with Dave MacLennan, CEO of Cargill.

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Presented by Tom Schreier

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