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How Notre Dame’s Catholic identity impacts the world with Fr. John Jenkins

Join Notre Dame President Emeritus Rev. John I. Jenkins, C.S.C., and Lou Nanni ’84, ’88 M.A., Vice President for...

12:00 PM ET Mon., Jul. 22, 2024

Everyday Holiness: Fr. Pete McCormick, CSC

“It is by the grace of God that I have continued to this point, and that is increasingly what I need to rely upon in...

12:00 PM ET Fri., Aug. 02, 2024

A New Era for Notre Dame

For only the third time in 72 years, the University of Notre Dame has a new president, Rev. Robert A. Dowd, C.S.C. This...

12:00 PM ET Mon., Aug. 05, 2024

Why academic freedom is the key to Notre Dame’s success with John McGreevy

Join Charles and Jill Fischer Provost John McGreevy ’86 as he discusses his time as a Notre Dame student, the...

12:00 PM ET Mon., Aug. 19, 2024

Marcus Freeman is not just a football coach

Join Lou Nanni as he sits down with Dick Corbett Head Football Coach Marcus Freeman for a deeper conversation to...

12:00 PM ET Mon., Sep. 02, 2024

Everyday Holiness: Lou Holtz

“Significance is when you help other people be successful, and when you do that, that lasts many a lifetime.” Catch...

12:00 PM ET Fri., Sep. 06, 2024

How Notre Dame helped end war in Colombia with Josefina Echavarría Alvarez

For 52 long years, Colombia was in turmoil due to a protracted civil war between the Colombian government and the...

12:00 PM ET Mon., Sep. 16, 2024

Pete Bevacqua ’93 on the future of Notre Dame Athletics

College sports are going through unprecedented change. The stakes are high and the challenges daunting. While many...

12:00 PM ET Mon., Sep. 30, 2024

Everyday Holiness: Fr. Nate Wills, CSC

Grab a sideline view with Fr. Nate Wills, CSC, as he provides a glimpse into his life as a religious priest, a Catholic...

12:00 PM ET Fri., Oct. 04, 2024

How philosophy shapes the world with Meghan Sullivan

Whether it’s wrestling with questions about the meaning of life or tackling contemporary issues with no easy...

12:00 PM ET Mon., Oct. 14, 2024

How Notre Dame Empowers Change in D.C. with Pedro Ribeiro

Leading communications for a congresswoman, the Department of Homeland Security, the White House, and the association...

12:00 PM ET Mon., Oct. 28, 2024

Everyday Holiness: Alex Jones

Alex Jones, co-founder and CEO of Hallow, shares the inspiring story of the struggle and growth of his spiritual life,...

12:00 PM ET Fri., Nov. 01, 2024

Why Notre Dame is a global research hub with Jeff Rhoads

The University of Notre Dame is no stranger to innovative, groundbreaking research. Synthetic rubber, wind tunnels, and...

12:00 PM ET Mon., Nov. 11, 2024

When Notre Dame calls: the untold stories of ND Listens

Experience an in-depth look at ND Listens, the student call center on campus, as senior manager Cesar Sanchez...

12:00 PM ET Mon., Nov. 25, 2024

Everyday Holiness: Fr. Matt Kuczora, CSC

Join Fr. Matt Kuczora, CSC, as he details his somewhat surprising discovery of a priestly and religious vocation, his...

12:00 PM ET Fri., Dec. 06, 2024

From NCAA champion to head coach: how Niele Ivey etched her name in history

Join Niele Ivey as she discusses her journey to become the Karen and Kevin Keyes Family Head Women’s Basketball...

12:00 PM ET Mon., Dec. 09, 2024

Canvas of hope: The remarkable influence of art with Joe Becherer

In the hustle and bustle of our daily lives, it’s easy to become distracted and lose track of our contemplative...

12:00 PM ET Mon., Dec. 23, 2024

Everyday Holiness: Sister Ann Astell

“God doesn’t change. God is always there—he’s our anchor. To have faith is to participate in this victory, and...

12:00 PM ET Fri., Jan. 03, 2025

How Notre Dame is leading in AI with Nitesh Chawla

Join Lou Nanni as he chats with Nitesh Chawla, the Frank M. Freimann Professor of Computer Science and Engineering,...

12:00 PM ET Mon., Jan. 06, 2025

Why Notre Dame invests in the South Bend community with Shannon Cullinan ’93

Join Shannon Cullinan ’93, executive vice president, as he sheds light on residential life and its importance to the...

12:00 PM ET Mon., Jan. 20, 2025

How the arts become a unifying force with Ted Barron

In our most difficult and divisive times, we turn to the arts to find beauty and connection through our shared...

12:00 PM ET Mon., Feb. 03, 2025

Everyday Holiness: Deacon Mel & Ann Tardy

“When the Church addresses those things, people feel like they’re welcome, that the Church is relevant. When the...

12:00 PM ET Fri., Feb. 07, 2025

Everyday Holiness: Sister Michaela Martinez, OP

Listen to Sister Michaela Martinez, OP, as she reflects on her call to religious life, God’s fidelity to her, and how...

12:00 PM ET Fri., Mar. 07, 2025