Episode 9: Qur’an Criticism

What importance do developments in critical scholarship on the Qur’an have for the life of faith? How have Muslims traditionally understood the Qur’an? What were the nineteenth- and twentieth-century beginnings of Western critical scholarship on the Qur’an, and what are its motivating questions today? Where do Western critical scholarship and traditional reading of the Qur’an converge? Do the findings of Western critical scholarship fundamentally challenge traditional Muslim understandings of the Qur’an, and how, more generally, does critical study of the Qur’an affect Muslims’ lives of faith?

College of Arts and Letters
About the Podcast:

Minding Scripture is a podcast where divine word and human reason meet. We explore questions that believers and skeptics alike ask about the Bible and the Qur’an. In their conversations on scripture and its interpretations, Francesca Murphy, Gabriel Reynolds, Mun’im Sirry, Tzvi Novick, and guest speakers reflect the deep intellectual diversity of Judaism, Christianity, and Islam. In a world marked by irrational discourse about religion, this podcast seeks to demonstrate that faith sharpens and quickens the ability to reason in friendship.

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May 4, 2020

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