Dave Evans on Designing Your Life

Monday, April 17, 2023 12:00 pm EST

Dave Evans began his career as an engineer, pioneering new technologies at Apple and then helping co-found Electronic Arts. He realized what he loved most in his work was helping build creative environments where people could do work that was meaningful and important. Along with Bill Burnett, he co-founded the Stanford Life Design Lab, wrote the bestselling Designing Your Life, and has been helping people use the design process in pursuit of individual and collective flourishing.

We are thrilled Dave joined us on April 17, 2023 for a conversation about his work. We discussed how life design can inform our teaching in higher education and how it can help those of us in the working world navigate our professions with purpose. We also considered how work is changing, and how to approach these issues through the lens of flourishing and the common good.

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