Accountability in a Sustainable World Conference

The 2023 Accountability in a Sustainable World conference will delve into regulation, sustainability reporting, capital allocation, and performance metrics. The conversation will answer the immediate need for dialogue among academics and non-academics about sustainability, data and measurement, related assurance, high-quality information to inform responsible investment decisions, and accountability in setting personal, corporate, and public sector goals.


This conference will focus on key concerns regarding the assurance of a sustainable future: the changing sustainability reporting landscape, the politicization of ESG, accounting for sustainability with a particular emphasis on carbon accounting, measurement, and assurance, performance metrics, the new corporate focus on sustainability, the effects of carbon footprint information on consumer choice and thoughts from a younger generation. A main feature of the conference is to generate discourse between academics and non-academics, featuring high-profile, well-informed, often provocative speakers. The conference was recorded on September 20, 2023.

Shareholders Change the World

  • Mark van Baal, Follow This
  • Jan Bouwens, University of Amsterdam
  • Peter Easton, CARE/ASWQ, University of Notre Dame

The Politicization of ESG

  • Robert Eccles, University of Oxford;
  • Allison Lee, New York University;
  • Dan Crowley, K&L Gates LLP; and
  • Tim Doyle, Bipartisan Policy Center


  • Robert Eccles, University of Oxford
  • Desiree Fixler, VentureESG

Capital Allocation in the Oil and Gas Industry

  • Shiva Rajgopal, Columbia Business School
  • Ilmi Granoff, Sabin Center for Climate Change Law, Columbia Law School
  • Luisa Palacios, Columbia Center of Global Energy Policy

Comparing and Contrasting Financial Reporting to Sustainability Reporting

  • Patricia Dechow, University of Southern California

ESG Investing, Jobs, and National Security

  • Sanjay Bhagat, University of Colorado

Non-Financial Violations

  • Jonas Heese, Harvard Business School

Enabling Finance and Accounting Teams to Deliver a Sustainable Future: The Accounting for Sustainability (A4S) Altorium

  • Brad Sparks, A4S
  • Susan Whyte, A4S

The Importance of Data Quality and Reliable Sustainability Reporting

  • Mark Zenner, Persefoni

Establishing the Foundation for Carbon Trading Market

  • Karthik Ramanna, University of Oxford
  • Robert Kaplan, Harvard Business School
  • Marc Roston, Stanford UniversityCorporate

Carbon Emission Statements: A Double Entry System

  • Stefan Reichelstein, Stanford University

Accounting for Corporate Carbon Emissions

  • Peter Easton, CARE/ASWQ, University of Notre Dame
  • Stefan Reichelstein, Stanford University
  • Gunther Glenk, Harvard Business School Climate Fellow
  • Teresa Landaverde Lorenzo, Heidelberg Materials
  • Jochen Kurtz, BASF

The Carbon Adjustment Tax

  • Shiva Rajgopal, Columbia Business School
  • Aniket Shah, Jefferies
  • Gernot Wagner, Columbia Business School

Are Carbon Taxes Effective in Mitigating Emissions

  • Cynthia Jeffrey, Iowa State University

ESG Disclosure: Advancing Corporate Sustainability Transparency with the Open for Good Data Platform

  • Magali Delmas, University of California, Los Angeles

ESG and Accounting: My Thoughts

  • DJ Nanda, University of Miami

Update on E-liability Accounting: In Practice

  • Robert Kaplan, Harvard Business School
  • Karthik Ramanna, University of Oxford
  • Piyush Jha, Tata Steel Limited

Who Will Provide Assurance for ESG Reports

  • Roger Simnett, University of New South Wales
  • Mark Babington, FRC
  • Thomas Mytton, AccountAbility
  • Maura Hodge, KPMG
  • Warren Maroun, IAASB

ESG and Performance Metrics

  • Marc Vaessen, KPMG
  • Simon Braaksma, Philips
  • Isabelle Grauer-Gaynor, European Securities and Markets Authority
  • Jeffrey Hales, University of Texas
  • Kerstin Lopatta, Universität Hamburg

Measuring the Unmeasurable

  • Arianna Pisciella, University of Lausanne

Assessing Materiality in Sustainability Reporting

  • Richard Sloan, University of Southern California

Building Better Boards

  • Sunny Misser, AccountAbility
  • Marco Antonio Achon, Santander US
  • Robert Herz, Robert H Herz LLC
  • Gabriela Figueiredo Dias, International Ethics Standards Board for Accountants

Achieving Effective Internal Control Over Sustainability Reporting

  • Jeffrey Thomson, Committee of Sponsoring Organizations of the Treadway Commission (COSO)

Managing the Duality of Variance Among ESG Assessments

  • Sung Eun (Summer) Kim, University of California Irvine School of Law

Managerial Myopia and Corporate Social Responsibility

  • Zabihollah Rezaee, University of Memphis

The Importance of Country Level ESG Scores

  • Süreyya Burcu Avci, Sabanci University

The New Corn

  • Scott W Gibson, Quercus Agroforestry, Inc.

The Irrelevance of ESG Disclosure to Retail Investors

  • Clare Wang, University of Colorado

How Does Carbon Footprint Information Affect Consumer Choice?

  • Peter Easton, CARE/ASWQ, University of Notre Dame
  • Joachim Gassen, Humboldt University, Berlin
  • Bianca Beyer, Aalto University

Youth Engagement: Developing Thoughts

  • Peter Easton, CARE/ASWQ, University of Notre Dame; and Students from the University of Notre Dame

For more information visit the event website.

Center for Accounting Research and Education

September 20, 2023

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