Virtues & Vocations presents Michael Lamb on Hope & Character

Monday, January 30, 2023 12:00 pm EST

As part of the Virtues & Vocations webinar series, Education for Flourishing: Pursuing Purpose in the Professions, we are pleased to welcome Michael Lamb to discuss Hope & Character.


Michael Lamb is the F. M. Kirby Foundation Chair of Leadership and Character, Executive Director of the Program for Leadership and Character, and Associate Professor of Interdisciplinary Humanities at Wake Forest University. Michael’s research focuses on the ethics of citizenship and the role of virtues in public life. His book, A Commonwealth of Hope: Augustine’s Political Thought (Princeton University Press, 2022), offers a novel interpretation of Augustine’s political thought and recovers his virtue of hope to inform contemporary politics.

For more information, please visit the series website on ThinkND.

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