Transforming Lives and Lives Transformed

From the Inspired Leadership Initiative, “Transforming Lives and Lives Transformed” focuses on three critical and timely topics: pursuing a second act, the intersection of spirituality and leadership, and solving societal problems.
May 30, 2024

Top 10 Learning Moments

  1. Today, people in the business-world tend to be too sharp-edged, and quick to point out faults in another. We must realize our human and make mistakes, which is an idea grounded in faith. We shouldn’t hate sinners because we are all sinners.
  2. Surround yourself with good people—gain a lot of mentors. Nobody is perfect. Take the best things from your best mentors, as well as learn from their own mistakes.
  3. Our vision [at] Rusalia is not just to take the girls to school, but also to mentor them, to walk with them, to make them strong. — Dr. Juliana Otieno
  4. The power of positive thinking is integrally important to a healthy mindset. Positive thinking gave him the confidence and mindset in order to excel at whatever he set his mind to, whether that would be playing a game of baseball, working for excellent clients at Ernst and Young, or leading a team at McDonald’s.
  5. We need to involve the younger generation, the youth…We need to give continuity to this work, it is not only our work. I trust that the younger generation will [make] a huge difference. — Sr. Gabriella Bottani
  6. We have a country of more guns than people. — Nussbaum
  7. What would it sound like to explore their perspective more before I make a judgement about who they are as a human? — Dr. Boissy
  8. My values are all about focusing our talents, not only on ourselves; that’s okay, but also sharing our talent, especially to those who can benefit from them the most. — Racine
  9. From having done defense-side cases as well as prosecuting cases, I have never read an indictment that was entirely 100% correct, and so the role of having a defense counsel and the rights afforded to our defendants in the criminal justice system are incredibly important. — Racine
  10. As a leader, you know, it could be a quick email that only takes me two minutes that can unlock hours for other people [and the] answers they want. — John Ebert

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Featured Speakers

Tom Schreier, Co-Founding Director, Inspired Leadership Initiative

Paul Grangaard, Chairman and CEO, Faribault Woolen Mill Co.

Chris Stevens, Co-Founding Director, Inspired Leadership Initiative

Dr. Juliana Otieno, Senior Lecturer, Uzima University, Medical School & Founder, Rusalia Resource Foundation

John Ebert, President, J.W. Ebert Corporation

Rev. Edward A. “Monk” Malloy, C.S.C., President Emeritus, University of Notre Dame

Sr. Gabriella Bottani, S.M.C., International Coordinator, Talitha Kum

Sr. Ann Oestreich, I.H.M., President, U.S. Catholic Sisters Against Human Trafficking

Karl Racine, Attorney General, District of Columbia

Richard Nussbaum II, Partner, Sopko, Nussbaum, Inabnit, & Kaczmarek

Dr. Adrienne Boissy, Chief Experience Officer, Cleveland Clinic

“We need to involve the younger generation, the youth…We need to give continuity to this work, it is not only our work. I trust that the younger generation will [make] a huge difference.”

– Sr. Gabriella Bottani
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