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Law and Politics

Careers in Religious Liberty

The Careers in Religious Liberty panel discussion on September 26, 2022 featured conversation with leaders in the legal profession who protect religious freedom, address religious...

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Global Affairs

STS | Security and Sanctity: The Interconnection of Int’l Religious Freedom with U.S. National Security

In this episode of ‘Students Talk Security’, Dr. Farr, the leading expert in the interconnection between international religious freedom, human rights, and United States...

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Religion and Philosophy

Flash Panel: Lessons from India’s Religious Freedom Protests

1030 Jenkins Nanovic Halls | Zoom Webinar In January, six Muslim students protested against authorities at a district college in Karnataka, a state in southern India, after being...

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Law and Politics

Contempt of Grace: Theological & Legal Error in William Barr’s Understanding of Religious Freedom

Professor Patricia Hackett provided a theological and jurisprudential response to Attorney General Barr’s speech on religious freedom in 2019. Professor Hackett has done PhD...

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