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Health and Society

The Social Side of Health: How reducing inequality can improve health outcomes for Americans

In 1961, twenty-year-old Peter Sterling left Cornell University to join the Freedom Rides in Jackson, Mississippi where he was arrested and jailed. That experience shaped his...

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Law and Politics

Race, Religion, and Reparative Justice: Black Lives Matter and International Human Rights

Alex Hsu, a postdoctoral research associate with the Ansari Institute, talks with Diane Desierto, associate professor of human rights law and global affairs at the Keough School...

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Global Affairs

On the EU, Allies, and the State of European Democracy

Janne Matláry is a professor of international politics in the Department of Political Science at the University of Oslo and the Norwegian Defence University College. A specialist...

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Religion and Philosophy

Religious Freedom

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Law and Politics

Fr. Ted Said… Civil & Human Rights

In this recording from Reunion 2019, Notre Dame faculty and alumni delivered short, inspirational talks on topics including immigration, the Civil Rights Movement, health care and...

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Global Affairs

Understanding China as a World Power

In this seminar from Reunion 2019, Lionel Jensen, Associate Professor of East Asian Languages & Cultures and History, explores the expansion of China as a source of global concern...

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