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Science and Technology

Researchers discover critical process for how breast cancer spreads in bones

Once breast cancer spreads to bone, options for treatment are limited. Breast cancer cells can lie dormant in the bone, often undetectable and able to escape typical treatments....

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Health and Society

Study of the nervous system could have implications for regenerative medicine and cancer

In order for the central nervous system (CNS) to communicate to the rest of the body, the brain and spinal cord house nerves that send and receive signals via neurons or nerve...

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The Forest and the Trees

Notre Dame research provides complementary angles on childhood adversity Steven King, 7, builds a tower with Lego blocks at Notre Dameā€™sĀ William J. Shaw Center for Children and...

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Global Affairs

U.S. Leadership in Global Health and Humanitarian Response with Admiral Tim Ziemer of USAID

Episode two featuresĀ Admiral Tim Ziemer, the acting assistant administrator for theĀ Bureau for Democracy, Conflict, and Humanitarian Assistance (DCHA)Ā at theĀ United States...

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