FILTER Democracy
Health and Society

Greg Jones and Clayton Spencer with A Conversation on Purpose

12:00 PM ET Mon., May. 13, 2024
Health and Society

Sarah Schnitker on Patience, Courage & the Pursuit of Justice

12:00 PM ET Mon., Mar. 25, 2024
Health and Society

Ricardo Nuila on Hope & Peril in American Medicine

12:00 PM ET Mon., Feb. 26, 2024
Science and Technology

Technology and Democracy

12:00 PM ET Wed., May. 29, 2024
Health and Society

Roosevelt Montas on Freedom, Citizenship & Liberal Learning

12:00 PM ET Mon., Jan. 22, 2024
Health and Society

 John Silvanus Wilson on Universities, Democracy, & Lessons from HBCUs

12:00 PM ET Mon., Nov. 13, 2023
Law and Politics

ND Democracy Talk with Katherine Gehl | Final Five Voting

12:00 PM ET Mon., Oct. 30, 2023