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Global Affairs

The Progressive Equity in the Restraint Coalition

Matt Duss has been a foreign policy advisor to Sen. Bernie Sanders since 2017. Previously he was the president of the Foundation for Middle East Peace, and national security and...

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Law and Politics

Lest the Stars Totter: Outer Space in the National Security Context

Major Jeremy Grunert, USAF is the Chief of Research for the United States Air Force Academy’s Law, Technology, and Warfare Research Cell; in this capacity, he hosts a monthly...

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Health and Society

Evidence Matters: Building Great Researcher-Practitioner Partnerships, Part II – After the Evaluation

This interactive session hosted by the Wilson Sheehan Lab for Economic Opportunities and King County (Seattle) Metro Transit will explore the benefits of continued strong...

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Blackgirl Fairy Tales on the Musical Stage

During the 1970s, feminists launched critical debates about the influence of fairy tales, positioning the promise of “happily ever after” within the larger cultural and...

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Art and History

Rome: What Does it All Mean? The Painting and its Subject

Finally, we come to terms with the School of Athens. How was it painted, and what does it mean? How do how it was painted and what it means intersect? Watch the short videos...

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Global Affairs

Labor Trafficking: It’s In Your Backyard (The Business Model of Labor Trafficking)

What do you know about human trafficking? What do you need to know? What can we do to end this evil? The Center for Social Concerns presents a 3 part series that explores the...

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Religion and Philosophy

Liturgy and the Dignity of Children

Heidi Witte ’09, a former Catholic Social Tradition Minor, now hosts the Children’s Liturgy of the Word on Catholic TV. Heidi shares how the CST minor and center programming...

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Global Affairs

After Brexit: The Future of Ireland’s Relationship with the US and UK

In this Keough School virtual event, a panel of experts shared insights on how Brexit may impact Ireland’s relationship with the US & the UK. Panelists included: – Anand...

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