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Ardent Spirits: The Essential Science

Have you ever wondered about all the science, engineering, technology, business and craftsmanship that goes into each sip of your favorite spirit? Ken Kuno, professor in the...


The Search for an Inspiring Life—How to Measure What Matters Most

College students are typically of an age in which they actively recalibrate their compass, whether morally, vocationally, or otherwise. They shift from relying on external...


The Value of Kinship in Leadership

What does kinship mean? Does kinship have a place in the fast-paced world of industry? What can we learn about kinship from the leader of one of the largest companies in the...

Science and Technology

Wine 101: Wine Basics

Most people enjoy a nice glass of wine with dinner, and some discuss the complexities of taste, but we're returning to basics. What is wine? How is it made? Let's start from the...

Environmental Policy and Governance in Malawi

This week, join NDI staff in Nairobi, Kenya and Notre Dame Geography and Environmental Policy Professor Ellis Adjei Adams to discuss his current research and its three main...

01:00 PM ET Wed., Feb. 09, 2022
Global Affairs

Coastal Border Displacement on the West Coast of Ireland

Notre Dame Professor of Civil and Environmental Engineering and Earth Sciences, Andrew Kennedy discusses his research in connection to the West of Ireland which focuses on waves,...

11:00 AM ET Wed., Feb. 16, 2022
Global Affairs

Impact of Rise in Sea Level in Mumbai

Join the Mumbai Global Center and Krupali Uplekar Krusche who is the Associate Dean for Research, Scholarship, and Creative Work and Director of DHARMA (Digital Historic...

01:00 PM ET Wed., Feb. 23, 2022
Global Affairs

Rivers and Tides: A Biography of the River Thames and The Sustainability of Rivers in London

This week, the London Global Gateway will be in conversation with special guest speakers archaeologist (Notre Dame) and award-winning lecturer and researcher, Fay Stevens and...

01:00 PM ET Wed., Mar. 09, 2022
Global Affairs

Water Sustainability in Santiago, Chile

Join NDI staff from Santiago, Chile, and Notre Dame Environmental Engineering Professor Rob Nerenberg to discuss how population growth and climate change are increasing the need...

03:00 PM ET Wed., Mar. 16, 2022
Global Affairs

A New Parable for the Planet in Dublin

As we reflect on our responsibility to pass on a better planet to the next generation, it can be difficult to see the possibilities, especially when we are surrounded by negative...

02:30 PM ET Tue., May. 03, 2022
Global Affairs

Understanding Water Diplomacy Between Israel and Jordan

Join NDI staff from the Jerusalem Global Center and a special guest from the U.S. State Department to discuss the standardization of a duel plumbing system with a gray water pipe...

01:00 PM ET Wed., Apr. 06, 2022

Water, Soil and Air in Rome

Join NDI staff from the Rome Global Gateway and special guests to discuss sustainability and the role it plays within a global and academic context. This week will feature an...

01:00 PM ET Wed., Jun. 22, 2022