Registration – Seasons of Change: Support and Care for Yourself & Others

What allows some individuals to maintain their health and well-being into their senior years better than others do?

Join Cindy Bergeman, Notre Dame professor and chair of the Department of Psychology, as she shares the keys to weathering the seasons of our lives with resilience and openness. We will discuss how to take advantage of the opportunities offered to us through the aging process, including wisdom, experience, relationships, and change. The series will cover practical advice on adapting to physical and mental health challenges and changing our perception of stress from threat to opportunity. We will also explore the care-giving / care-receiving relationship and reframe it from a positive perspective that acknowledges the blessing to our lives care can be to both giver and receiver. Cindy will also share the important ways that care-givers can and should practice self-care.

Seasons of Change: Care & Support for Yourself & Others is co-sponsored by Notre Dame Senior Alumni, Notre Dame Women Connect, and the Notre Dame Class of 1983.

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