New and Fresh at the Browning Cinema

Ted and Ricky ring in the new year and the new semester with the Browning Cinema’s exciting offerings starting in January. Those include a new film education opportunity available to the public via the new Learning Beyond the Classics Series, which expands a film series with academic articles, pre-recorded introductions, and post-film discussions. The series showcases films of 1968, a year when the world changed movies and movies changed the world, and is tied to a course being offered by Professor Susan Ohmer of the Department of Film, Television, and Theatre.

After briefly discussing what’s happening at the Browning Cinema, Ted and Ricky close the books on 2017 with two (count ’em two!!) separate Top 3 Lists. The first is the more traditional Top 3 films released during 2017, which sees Ted endorsing a string of documentaries and Ricky potentially fudging the rules by including a film from 2016. The second Top 3 List may be sparking a new tradition with Ted and Ricky discussing the best films (or filmgoing experiences) they saw during 2017 that were released from many moons ago, which allows a light to be shined on films of the past that may be relevant or downright fun for today.

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January 12, 2018

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