Life in Pixels with David Cecchetto

Life in Pixels hosts an ongoing series of transdisciplinary conversations thinking about how we can make sense of, and live with, our computational social condition today. Considering sociocultural, aesthetic, politicoeconomic, environmental, racial, and historical registers of technology together, the series will bring together people who think and do technology beyond disciplinary boundaries. The events are all designed as an ongoing series of conversations between scholars and practitioners in Media Studies, Science and Technology Studies, History and Philosophy of Science and Technology, Critical Digital Studies, and Literary Cultural Studies.

Life in Pixels ft. David Cecchetto from ND CATS on Vimeo.

David Cecchetto is Associate Professor of Critical Digital Theory in the Department of Humanities at York University, where he also contributes to several graduate programs. David is currently President of the Society for Literature, Science, and the Arts, and co-edits the Proximities: Experiments in Nearness book series (University of Minnesota Press). David’s most recent monograph, Listening in the Afterlife of Data: Aesthetics, Pragmatics, and Incommunication (2022) is available from Duke University Press. As a quasi-practicing non-musician, David has presented creative work internationally.

For more information visit the event website.

Lucy Family Institute for Data & Society

April 11, 2022

Art and HistoryScience and TechnologyDigest157Digest170Lucy Family Institute for Data & SocietyOffice Of The ProvostRanjodh DhaliwalUniversity of Notre Dame

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