Institute for Educational Initiatives

Dear Friends,

At the Institute for Educational Initiatives, we strive to improve the education of all children through practices that can transform the educational system, with a special emphasis on Catholic schools and priority populations. In order to affect change and advance the hope and promise of our national and global educational opportunities, our initiatives are animated by the Gospel call and grounded in cutting-edge research and design.

Through programs such as the Alliance for Catholic Education (ACE), the Institute impacts PK-12 education by integrating rigorous research into on-the-ground practice. Through centers such as the Global Center for the Development of the Whole Child, the Institute reaches across the world to improve the physical, emotional, social, and cognitive well-being of the most vulnerable children. Our monthly podcast, Think. Pair. Share., spotlights our faculty and fellows, their ideas, and their impact.

The Institute for Educational Initiatives is pleased to partner with ThinkND to share our research and learning opportunities. Join us!

Best wishes,

Christine Trinter
Acting Director, Institute for Educational Initiatives
Director, ACE Ascent Program
Associate Professor of the Practice, Alliance for Catholic Education
University of Notre Dame

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