Fighting to Protect Our Community

In the wake of a hurricane or storm, engineering professor Tracy Kijewski-Correa is often running towards the destruction. She’s called in to assess damage to buildings and to see which structures weathered the storm well. The reconnaissance allows her to makes suggestions to building codes and regulations to improve resilience.

But she also wants to help communities prepare for storms before they happen, so she, along with a team of colleagues, developed NJcoast. The website allows first responders, emergency managers, and municipal planners to have access to accurate storm hazard projections before the storm hits so they can make informed disaster preparedness decisions. NJcoast has completed pilot testing and is now available across the state of New Jersey, where it will make coastal communities more resilient to storms.

Learn more about how Professor Kijewski-Correa is fighting to protect our communities: To learn more about the Center for Research Computing, please visit their website.

September 14, 2018

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