Rugby’s Global Community

Rugby’s Global Community

This week the global growth of rugby will be discussed, with current international players and staff giving an insight into their experiences playing at home and abroad, as well as what the global diaspora of the sport has meant to them over the years.

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Presented by Eamonn Molloy and Justin Hickey

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Featured Speakers: 

  • Hannah McCormack, Campaign Manager, Tackle Your Feelings 
  • Karl Boyle, Director of Development, Connacht Rugby
  • Eamonn Molloy, Education and Learning, Connacht Rugby and the Irish Rugby Football Union
  • Justin Hickey, Program Director, Notre Dame Rugby
  • Lisa Caulfield, Director of the Global Centre at Kylemore

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The Rugby Diaspora, Part I

Presented by Justin Hickey

Former Leinster Rugby player Peadar Timmins provides his experience joining the rugby team at his school and how it led him to being chosen for the Leinster Rugby Academy.

The Rugby Diaspora, Part II

Presented by Justin Hickey

Peadar Timmins describes his decision to move on from the Leinster Rugby Academy and pursue his studies at the University of Notre Dame. He discusses how much the Notre Dame rugby team meant to his time there, and how rugby is still part of his life today.

Women’s Rugby at Notre Dame

Marie Doyle, ‘21, provides a glimpse into her time playing for the University of Notre Dame Women’s Rugby team. Read her account here


Presented by Eamonn Molloy and Justin Hickey and Lisa Caulfield

You’ve now completed all four parts of the Kylemore Book Club series To Hell or to Connacht: Stories of Irish Resilience. 

On behalf of the Kylemore Global Centre, Connacht Rugby, and Notre Dame Rugby, we thank you for joining us and we look forward to seeing you back for the next Kylemore Book Club. In the meantime, be sure to check out the other series, podcasts, articles, and videos on ThinkND.

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