A New Parable for the Planet in Dublin

A New Parable for the Planet in Dublin

As we reflect on our responsibility to pass on a better planet to the next generation, it can be difficult to see the possibilities, especially when we are surrounded by negative stories of climate change and its implications. However, when we take a fact-based approach to the challenges before us, we can embrace something much stronger than optimism. We can have hope, a bold and confident expectation as we face the future. The stories we share shape the solutions we can envision, so let’s turn the page on a new parable for our planet.

Meet the Director: Fr Gary Chamberland, CSC

Rev. Gary Chamberland, C.S.C., has served as  the director of the Notre Dame-Newman Centre for Faith and Reason in Dublin, Ireland since June 2020. Housed in Newman University Church, the center seeks to evangelize the young adult population of Dublin City Centre through engaging presentations and lectures on matters of  spirituality and  faith, and the pressing social issues of our day. These efforts augment the parish’s prayerful liturgical celebrations.  The Newman Vocare Ensemble is known across Ireland for its beautiful and innovate approach to liturgical music.

Meet the Guest Speaker: Dr. Mark Lyons

Dr. Mark Lyons is the President and CEO  of Alltech. He grew up in the Alltech business, having traveled with his father and Alltech’s founder, Dr. Pearse Lyons, from a young age to visit customers. Based on Alltech’s belief that agriculture has the greatest potential to shape our world’s future, he launched the Planet of Plenty™ vision in 2019. He has called for collaboration to improve nutrition, human and animal well-being, and the preservation of natural resources. He has spearheaded many critical projects, including simultaneously managing a biorefinery project in Kentucky, the establishment of a plant in Serbia and the creation of Alltech’s flagship yeast production facility in São Pedro, Brazil. He also spent nearly four years in Mexico rebuilding the company’s solid state fermentation plant in Serdan, which is one of the largest of its kind in the world.

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Presented by Fr Gary Chamberland, CSC

Tuesday, May 3, 2022 2:30 pm

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Featured Speakers: 

  • Gabriel Mitchell, Director of Undergraduate Studies, University of Notre Dame in Jerusalem
  • Dr. Daniel Blumentha, Department of Energy (DOE) Attaché,U.S. Embassy in Jerusalem

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