The Passion in Our Daily Lives

The Passion in Our Daily Lives

Led by Grammy® Award winner and Director of the Notre Dame Folk Choir Dr. J.J. Wright, this series will introduce The Passion, a new artistic production combining Scripture with original poetry and set to original music. Through Christ’s Passion, we learn to encounter suffering and incarnate love, to behold one another in our “not-enoughness.” As we enter the upcoming Lenten and Easter seasons, we invite you to journey with the Folk Choir and some of our closest collaborators through the development, rehearsal, and performance process of The Passion. Along the way, we will explore the Passion and Resurrection in light of the most pressing issues on the minds of our students, including the clergy sexual abuse crisis, the role of women in the Church, and climate change. In May, the choir will make a pilgrimage to the Holy Land, where they’ll walk in Jesus’s steps through the Passion and record this new work at the Jerusalem Music Center.

Meet the Student Speaker: Grace Murphy

Grace Murphy is a senior Science-Preprofessional major at Notre Dame and is current co-president of the Folk Choir. She has worked on The Passion since her sophomore year from a variety of angles – from early brainstorming sessions to deeper theological conversations to her current role playing Mary Magdalene in the adaptation. In the fall 2022, Grace is headed to medical school.

Meet the Student Speaker: Anna Staud

Anna Staud is a senior at Notre Dame studying Economics and English with an Honors Concentration in Creative Writing and minors in Theology and Latino Studies. She serves as Co-President of the Folk Choir and Assistant Stage Director of The Passion, and has been honored to be part of the writing and composition of this project. She is originally from South Bend and will be teaching for the Alliance for Catholic Education (ACE) next year.

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  • J.J. Wright, Director, Notre Dame Folk Choir, University of Notre Dame

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