Memory and Mourning: The Passion in Our Lenten and Easter Journey

Memory and Mourning: The Passion in Our Lenten and Easter Journey

Led by Grammy® Award winner and Director of the Notre Dame Folk Choir Dr. J.J. Wright, this series will introduce The Passion, a new artistic production combining Scripture with original poetry and set to original music. Through Christ’s Passion, we learn to encounter suffering and incarnate love, to behold one another in our “not-enoughness.” As we enter the upcoming Lenten and Easter seasons, we invite you to journey with the Folk Choir and some of our closest collaborators through the development, rehearsal, and performance process of The Passion. Along the way, we will explore the Passion and Resurrection in light of the most pressing issues on the minds of our students, including the clergy sexual abuse crisis, the role of women in the Church, and climate change. In May, the choir will make a pilgrimage to the Holy Land, where they’ll walk in Jesus’s steps through the Passion and record this new work at the Jerusalem Music Center.

Meet the Student Speaker: Meg Beuter

Meg Beuter is a from Nashville, TN studying English and American Studies with a minor in Education, Schooling, & Society. Her home on campus is Howard Hall, and her favorite Folk Choir songs are Mukasa’s “Mimina Neema” and Waddell’s “Rosa Mystica.” As Social Media Coordinator for the Notre Dame Folk Choir, Meg is looking forward to spreading the joy of the Folk Choir’s work as far as possible and involving the whole choir while doing so. She hopes to use social media and communications to welcome everyone into the loving presence of Folk Choir, whether they are a friend or a stranger. She is also excited to continue working on the choir’s Passion Project leading up to the Holy Land tour in May 2022! 

Meet the Speaker: Tristan Cooley

Tristan Cooley is a poet, librettist, and fiction writer from Silver Spring, MD, and served as the librettist for The Passion. He holds a BFA from The New School for Jazz and Contemporary Music and an MA from CUNY, Brooklyn College. He makes his home in Vermont. Current collaborators include the University of Notre Dame Folk Choir under the direction of J.J. Wright, and the theatrical production house Sounds & Voices, led by Dominic Mekky and Franky Rousseau.

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  • J.J. Wright, Director, Notre Dame Folk Choir, University of Notre Dame

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