Accountability in a Sustainable World Quarterly

Accountability in a Sustainable World was conceived during the planning stages of the 2020 CARE Conference, Accounting for Sustainability and Responsible Investing. As we spoke to experts around the world, we realized this should not be the topic of one conference, but it was an imperative new way forward for the Center for Accounting Research and Education. That conference, which was eventually held in 2021, in conjunction with Sustainable Investment Forum North America and with the cooperation of UNEP-FI, served as the building block for a new journal, Accountability in a Sustainable World Quarterly (ASWQ).

The goals of ASWQ are to (1) build and strengthen the links between academia (both teaching and research) and practice, (2) encourage younger academics by providing an opportunity to present their work to both other academics and practitioners, and (3) provide opportunities for practitioners to communicate with academics and influence their work. The digital journal is conversationally readable and cross-disciplinary, with a focus on measurement, assurance of the measurements, and use of the measures in the broadest sense. Articles are short and written by both academics and practitioners, with the intended readership comprising both groups.

The provocative articles you will find in ASWQ are from well-informed thought leaders, each providing and justifying unanswered questions that they feel can/should be given priority by researchers with the time, ability, and tools to answer them. The journal catalyzes and sets practically relevant research agendas.

Use the links below to access past issues of the Accountability in a Sustainable World Quarterly:

ASWQ is the leading practitioner-focused journal in the accounting for sustainability and responsible investing space.  The journal advances the creation and dissemination of knowledge and understanding of issues of topical, practical relevance through the publication of rigorous, peer-reviewed research and thought pieces written by cutting-edge academics and practitioners.  The main focus of the peer-review process is the authenticity of the results, claims, and conclusions in the paper. 

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October 25, 2023

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