A colloquium with the Architectural Uprising

Thursday, April 4, 2024 12:00 pm EST

The built environment is meant to serve the people it houses, it is used to facilitate community within its structure. With the continuation of urban sprawl, the growth of the population, and the emergence of transportation technologies individuals grow farther apart. This colloquium features the Architectural Uprising group, a people’s movement that protests against the blatant disregard from developers, architects, and politicians for what architecture people, in general, find beautiful. Their mission is to combat the disregard of the individual within development projects and to promote the idea of human-centered design. Proctored by the University of Notre Dame’s Architecture Faculty, practitioners will encourage discussion with representatives of The Architectural Uprising around the world, and continue the conversation to promote their mission of creating beautiful architecture.

Portuguese architect João Gonçalo Batista was with us live and in person while the other members of the Architectural Uprising from around the world joined us virtually. In his keynote, José demonstrated his commitment to basing his designs on the foundations of the place, respectful of its landscape, its memory and identity while incorporating them into previous construction. José explored his methods of respecting the past, redesigning places without traumatic transformation, and maintaining continuity for both present and future reference.

Brought to you by the School of Architecture and the Notre Dame Alumni Association.

The Uprising
João Gonçalo Batista, Portuguese architect
Michael Diamant, New Traditional Architecture, Sweden
Nadia Everard, La Table Ronde de l’Architecture, Belgium
Marjo Uotila, Architect, INTBAU Finland
Ruben Hanssen, The Aesthetic City, Netherlands
Victoria Shulz-Daubas, Architect, The King’s Foundation, London
Colum & Anne-Catherine Mulhern, Architects, ‘Luxembourg Under Destruction’

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