The Suppliants Project: Ukraine

On October 3, 2022, iconic Notre Dame Stadium provided the backdrop for The Suppliants Project: Ukraine, in partnership with Theater of War Productions.

Featuring Emmy-winning actors, Anthony Edwards and Keith David as well as actor/director Tate Donovan and 7 Ukrainian students currently studying at Notre Dame, the cast performed a dramatic reading of Aeschylus’ play The Suppliants, a Greek tragedy about the costs of war. Following the reading, a panel of Notre Dame community members who have experienced violence and war in countries around the world offered their reactions and experiences, kicking off a town-hall style global discussion designed to draw out our reactions to the themes of the play, foster empathy, compassion and a deeper understanding of complex issues, and help us consider our role as peace-makers in the world.

Using a 2,500-year-old text as the catalyst for powerful, global dialogue, The Suppliants Project: Ukraine seeks to amplify and humanize the voices and perspectives of people whose lives have been touched by war, including refugees, students, activists, and artists from Ukraine and other countries, who participate in the performance and discussion, both in person and virtually from locations all over the world. The October 3, 2022 event at Notre Dame represents the second installment of the project that seeks to engage both local and global audiences.

The Suppliants is an ancient Greek play about a group of refugees who seek asylum from forced marriage and violence in the city of Argos. The play not only depicts the struggle of these refugees to cross a border into safety, but also the internal struggle within the country that ultimately receives them, as its citizens wrestle with how best to address the crisis at their border and whether to go to war on behalf of the refugees seeking their protection.

This event is presented as a keynote event for Notre Dame Forum 2022-2023: War & Peace.

For more information visit the event website.

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October 3, 2022

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