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Religion and Philosophy

The Ecological Crisis and How We Can Respond

“The cry of the Earth, is the cry of the poor.” Taken from Pope Francis’ encyclical Laudato Si, these words demonstrate the need to care for our common home, the Earth....

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Global Affairs

Researchers find connections between improved cookstoves and reduced domestic violence in Uganda

The improved cookstove is a longstanding intervention in Uganda, where 95% of households use solid fuel to cook their food over stone fireplaces. Introducing clean and efficient...

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Art and History

Catch the Spirit

The Notre Dame Folk Choir offers the uniting ministry of music through Catch the Spirit and its message of hope and connection. The recent release features an exploration of...

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Global Affairs

Domer Dozen 2019 Honoree: Mary Kate Battle ’10

Mary Kate Battle ’10 currently works to empower vulnerable people through her job with Catholic Relief Services. With CRS, she has supported programming in Uganda, Jordan,...

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