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Health and Society

Fighting to Help Others Walk Again

Marissa Koscielski ’17, ’18M.S., was in eighth grade when she fractured her pelvis and lower back in a gymnastics accident. Instead of slowly healing, she developed flu...

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Career Development

Technology and Future of Work

In this seminar from Reunion 2019, Brett Beasley, Associate Director, Notre Dame Deloitte Center for Ethical Leadership, shares a few visions of what the future of work might look...

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Law and Politics

Empowering Marginalized Voices in Politics

We’re joined today by Prathm Juneja, a senior at Notre Dame studying political science and computer science, and recent recipient of a Truman scholarship. Prathm realized he had...

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John Donovan, CEO, AT&T Communications

John Donovan, CEO – AT&T Communications, is responsible for the bulk of AT&T’s global telecommunications and video services businesses, including AT&T’s Business,...

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Tommy Moreno, COO, SONIFI Solutions

Tommy Moreno is COO for SONIFI Solutions and operations executive for Colony Capital a leading global real estate, technology and entertainment investment firm with over $40B in...

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Religion and Philosophy

Ethical Technology with Dr. Luis Vera

Leonard DeLorenzo for Church Life Today welcomes Dr. Luis Vera to talk about technology. How do we prepare ourselves, as Catholics, to engage with technology as it develops? Dr....

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Science and Technology

The Technology Takeover with Nicholas Carr

Tim O’Malley for Church Life Today welcomes Nicholas Carr to talk about his work in examining the role of technology in our lives today. Nicolas is an author and journalist who...

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Art and History

Historic Urban Environments Lab

The Historic Urban Environments Lab (HUE) at Notre Dame is a new interdisciplinary team of architects, computer scientists, librarians, programmers, anthropologists and GIS...

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