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Health and Society

Justice and Reconciliation with Daniel Philpott Part 1

Leonard DeLorenzo for Church Life Today welcomes Daniel Philpott to talk about the biblical notion of justice, the work of reconciliation after violence and civil strife, and...

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Art and History

Americans Actively Engaging in Collectivism as Financial Buoy

Before the pandemic hit, declining incomes, coupled with escalating costs of housing, childcare, eldercare, higher education and healthcare, made it nearly impossible for the...

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Most productive workforce may require indefinite affirmative action, study shows

Affirmative action policies have been debated for decades and Supreme Court rulings have guided how universities structure their admission policies. It stands to reason that...

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Law and Politics

Are we in this together?

In my daily neighborhood walks since the beginning of the pandemic, I commonly see signs proclaiming “we are all in this together.” In mid-March, as we shut down our society,...

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Global Affairs

Peace in the Time of a Pandemic: The Impact of Coronavirus on Ramadan 2020

In the midst of the ongoing global pandemic, how are efforts to build peace and address the causes of violent conflict and injustice impacted? Professor of Islamic Studies Ebrahim...

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Health and Society

With Voices True

With Voices True is an archive of personal narratives on race. Through written, spoken, or visual stories, our Notre Dame community reflects on how we experience race, how it...

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Career Development

Newspaper Man

It was the summer of ’69, and Matt Storin was waiting anxiously in the U.S. Capitol press gallery for the Senate’s return from its August recess. A month before,...

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Science and Technology

ND Perspectives: Media, Tech & Society – Is A Sneaky Serpent in Your Newsfeed?

Recorded at Reunion 2018, this fascinating panel discussion explores fake news and media literacy in today’s changing environment. Moderator: Diane Daniels, Weekend anchor at...

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