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Breaking Down Barriers to African American Entrepreneurship

The benefits of entrepreneurship are well documented. Startups are responsible for nearly all job growth in the United States, experience growth rates substantially higher than...

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Law and Politics

Are we in this together?

In my daily neighborhood walks since the beginning of the pandemic, I commonly see signs proclaiming “we are all in this together.” In mid-March, as we shut down our society,...

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Health and Society

Race, Violence, and Protest: A Conversation about the Ongoing Struggle for Justice

Over the past few months, the violent deaths of African Americans at the hands of the police and civilians have reignited public conversations about race, policing, and justice....

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Religion and Philosophy

The Color of Compromise

“The cumulative effects of personal sins of racism have led to social structures of injustice and violence that makes us all accomplices in racism,” (Open Wide Our Hearts,...

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Health and Society

Research reveals teachers’ biases when rating first-graders’ academic skills based on learning behavior

A recent study, co-authored by a University of Notre Dame professor, shows how educators’ racial and gender biases affect their assessments of students’ academic skills based...

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Health and Society

With Voices True

With Voices True is an archive of personal narratives on race. Through written, spoken, or visual stories, our Notre Dame community reflects on how we experience race, how it...

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