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Global Affairs

Decolonizing Scholarship in Feminist Studies/Critical Race and Ethnic Studies with Marisol LeBrón

Marisol LeBrón is an Associate Professor in Feminist Studies and Critical Race and Ethnic Studies at the University of California, Santa Cruz. She is presenting “Debt and...

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Art and History

Student Research Exhibition: “Ukrainian Art as Protest and Resilience”

The Nanovic Institute for European Studies announces the opening of a new in-person and digital exhibition “Ukrainian Art as Protest and Resilience.” To coincide with the...

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Religion and Philosophy

Our Shared Paths to Justice: Learning from Desmond Tutu’s Faith and Activism

The late Desmond Tutu’s inspiring activism helped South Africa address the deep injustices that permeated daily life under Apartheid—a crushing system of institutionalized...

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Religion and Philosophy

2020 in Hindsight: The View from December 2021

Join the Ansari Institute for this panel discussion and hear insights from academics, journalists, and faith leaders. Together, they will explore the role of faith in the national...

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