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STS | Anticipate, Prevent, Respond

With 54 voting UN members, economies ripe for investment and development, and the emergence of foreign influence in the continent, Africa’s future is of strategic importance to...

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STS | Domestic Politics and the Russia-Ukraine Conflict

In this episode of Students Talk Security, Professor Karrie Koesel discusses the role that Russian domestic politics play in the ongoing Russia-Ukraine conflict. Professor Koesel...

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STS | No Better Friend, No Worse Enemy

In this episode of Students Talk Security, Evan Muller will discuss Col. Brasure‘s career, the importance of international law, his involvement in humanitarian operations, and...

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STS | America’s Evolving Role in the Middle East’s Cold War

In this podcast, we discuss America’s role in the regional conflict between Saudi Arabia and Iran. The Trump and Biden Administrations have taken drastically different...

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STS | Domestic Terrorism and its Implications for U.S. National Security

In this episode of Students Talk Security, former United States Senator Joe Donnelly discusses the domestic terrorism in the United States with an emphasis on recent events like...

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STS | A New Faustian Bargain?

In this episode of Students Talk Security, Charles Sedore, a Notre Dame senior, and Professor Ian John, Assistant Professor of Military History, discuss the history surrounding...

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STS | The Taliban Redux: The Future of Counterterrorism in a Taliban Controlled Afghanistan

The episode considers the future of counterterrorism in the context of a Taliban controlled Afghanistan. Beginning with a discussion of how the Taliban was able to regain control...

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STS | Smart Sanctions 101: Strategic Economic Peacebuilding

Sanctions expert and Professor Emeritus of Peace Studies George A. Lopez draws on his extensive research and experience in sanctions design and peace building to explain the...

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STS | Critical Mineral Supply Chains and Electric Vehicles: Charting the American Course

In this episode of Students Talk Security, undergraduate fellow, Callie Whelan, speaks with Pamela Fierst-Walsh, the Senior Advisor on Conflict Minerals and U.S. Representative to...

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STS | Civil Affairs Operations in Great Power Competition

An Interview with U.S. Army Civil Affairs Captain Ben Ordiway by Cullen Geahigan where they discuss the purpose and function of Army Civil Affairs operations as well as the value...

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Global Affairs

2021 Domer Dozen Honoree: Kiersten DeHaven ’14

Kiersten DeHaven ’14 was recognized as a 2021 Domer Dozen honoree for empowering female entrepreneurs in rural Ethiopia. DeHaven spoke on campus at “My Path: Stories of...

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Health and Society

2021 Domer Dozen Honoree: Zoe (Rote) Kourajian ’16

Zoe (Rote) Kourajian ’16 was recognized as a 2021 Domer Dozen honoree for innovating to give students of all backgrounds a place in the American story. Kourajian spoke on campus...

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