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Global Affairs

Chaos in Sudan: Democracy vs. Militarization

What are the prospects for sustainable peace and democracy in a Sudan overrun by contending militarized factions? Experts will address some of the questions being asked around the...

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Religion and Philosophy

Never Forget: Religion Beyond Sex & Violence?

This August—just over two decades since the Sept. 11 terror attacks and the Catholic Archdiocese of Boston sex abuse scandal—a group of academics, journalists, and faith...

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Global Affairs

China Town Hall 2021 Livestream with Fareed Zakaria and ND Discussion

CNN host and best-selling author Fareed Zakaria will be the featured speaker for CHINA Town Hall 2021, a national conversation on how the U.S.-China relationship affects our...

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Health and Society

“Our Community Has Boundaries”: LA’s Immigrant Women Activists on Embodiment, Race, Class, and Morality

In global cities today, immigrants of color suffer hyper-pollution, asthma, and cancer due to their residence near diesel-spewing shipping ports, freeways, and rail yards. Their...

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