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Health and Society

Helping the Most Vulnerable

A report from the White House Council of Economic Advisors declared the war on poverty largely over. A Notre Dame researcher, who helped produce much of the data behind the...

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Career Development

Dare to Unplug

In a world where people are increasingly attached to and dependent on technology, Nick Barella and Chris Mire decided to undergo a challenge and dared to “unplug.” The two...

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Art and History

Dare to Let the Arts Transform You

Sam Jackson began his theatre career at his high school, where he became heavily involved with the arts by both directing and acting in a variety of plays. At Notre Dame, he...

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Fighting for Our Veterans

At a young age, it was ingrained into Brady Quinn ’07 that it was important to respect and support the military. His father was a marine in Vietnam. His grandfathers had both...

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