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Religion and Philosophy

Meetings with the Psalms and Psalters presents “On Augustine’s Enarrationes in Psalmos” with Hildegund Müller

Hildegund Müller, associate professor of classics and senior liaison for research at the Nanovic Institute for European Studies, presents the next installment of the...

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Global Affairs

Peace in Absentia: Jewish, Christian, and Muslim Voices on Arab-Israeli Normalization

In January 2020, the United States announced a Mideast peace plan that supports the Israeli position on most issues rather than fostering Israeli-Palestinian compromise. In recent...

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Religion and Philosophy

Theologian Jenny Martin on Teaching Across the Disciplines

We sit down with professor Jenny Martin of the Program of Liberal Studies and the Department of Theology. We talk about her teaching across the disciplines, about the differences...

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Health and Society

Notre Dame students introduce Clay fifth-graders to Latin

Led by students from the University of Notre Dame, a group of 45 fifth-graders from Clay International Academy in South Bend gathered in adjacent classrooms recently to learn...

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