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Art and History

Mutual Assistance and Maintaining Human Dignity in the Holocaust

David Silberklang, Ph.D., is a senior historian at the International Institute for Holocaust Research at Yad Vashem and the speaker at the center’s 2021 annual Rev. Bernie...

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Art and History

Shakespeare: On the Shakespeare Trail

Trailers are everywhere. No longer only in the movie theatre, they fill our televisions and are all over the web. One major area of Shakespeare marketing that Shakespeare...

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Health and Society

Luis Fraga: Education, Dedicated.

From illuminating the artistic side of a political scientist to two-way immersion and empowering and serving communities of understanding and tolerance

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Art and History

Notre Dame London Global Gateway and partners launch year-long exploration of Shakespeare

The Notre Dame London Global Gateway, along with partners from the United Kingdom and the University of Notre Dame campus, is launching a year-long exploration of Shakespeare....

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