At a time when the lives of many continue to be dramatically disrupted and work, education, and society’s functions are in a state of constant transition, this lecture explores this point in history and how the work happening on Notre Dame’s campus and beyond relates to and impacts the United States and the world at large.
May 26, 2024

Top 10 Learning Moments

  1. [Due to the pandemic], we are learning how to be much more creative in our ways of being athletic and getting into sports. — Cara Ocobock
  2. We now have to get out of our comfort zone, and we have to stop talking about doing [sports] the way we used to do them. — Angie Torain
  3. Professional sports has to become more of an accountable business with respect to its place in the community. — Philip Bess
  4. When the world finishes rebooting, we’ll all be in a better place and hopefully be even more connected. — Raul Fernandez
  5. How do you make change happen? You make it one day at a time, every day at a time. — Allison Barber
  6. The thing about being in college is that that’s your time… to think about how you are going to make a change in society. — Stan Wilcox
  7. The biggest concern was actually on the injury side , which almost trumped the part about Covid. — Sitapha Savané
  8. Covid has exposed the fragility of the societies that we have built and how some areas of our society are being really affected by Covid. — Daniel Medina
  9. I think a lot of the lessons learned during this period of time will be of use once we get past the toughest moments of this crisis. — Sitapha Savané
  10. I think teamwork is the key to advancing societies and the world. — Carol Callan

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Featured Speakers

Philip Bess, Professor of Architecture, School of Architecture, University of Notre Dame

Cara Ocobock, Assistant Professor of Anthropology, University of Notre Dame

Allison Barber, Ph.D., President and COO of the Indiana Fever, Indiana’s WNBA franchise

Raul Fernandez, Owner & Vice Chairman of Monumental Sports & Entertainment

Chris Stevens, Co-Founding Director, Inspired Leadership Initiative at the University of Notre Dame, and Professor at the Mendoza College of Business at the University of Notre Dame

Carol Callan, USA Women’s Basketball National Team director

Sitapha Savané, sports commentator, Moisture+

Dr. Daniel Medina, Chief Medical Officer, Monumental Basketball

Stan Wilcox ’81, Executive Vice President of Regulatory Affairs, NCAA

“Covid has exposed the fragility of the societies that we have built and how some areas of our society are being really affected by Covid.”

— Daniel Medina
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