Notre Dame Research explores the Environmental Change Initiative

At the University of Notre Dame, the Environmental Change Initiative (ND-ECI) brings together faculty from across all seven colleges and schools to grow globally significant, multidisciplinary research in collaboration with community, government, and private sector partners to produce scholarship that translates to win-win solutions for emerging environmental challenges.

Led by ND-ECI Director Jennifer Tank, Ludmilla F., Stephen J., and Robert T. Galla Professor of Biological Sciences, research at the initiative tackles complex issues related to hydrology and water resources, ecology in a changing environment, climate change and ecological forecasting, land use and freshwater, and environmental genomics. With a goal of producing science that serves society, translational outcomes from ND-ECI research are benefiting improved environmental policy and management.

Speaking about the Initiative, Tank said, “Over the past seven years, we have grown a strong collaborative community based on trusted research relationships. This makes us nimble—we’re able to put together the novel interdisciplinary teams that are necessary to make headway on the biggest environmental challenges facing society today, while also serving the mission of the University by making a difference in the real world.”

To learn more about the Environmental Change Initiative, please watch this new video, which is part of the Notre Dame Research Explores series.

October 30, 2019

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