Notre Dame International

Dear friends,

In the past year, Notre Dame International has increased study abroad and scholarship opportunities, expanded our global network to include East Africa, and enhanced our relationships with global partners and institutions—all in the hope of bringing Notre Dame, its excellence in scholarship, and its values to the world. These are exciting times for Notre Dame as it seeks to have a tremendous impact around the globe.

As you read and learn, I invite you to consider how we can join forces to advance the University’s global mission, vision, and leadership together. You’ll see in these stories of international education that our collective success is embodied in many powerful ways: in the global impact of our faculty’s research and teaching, in the curiosity and creativity of our students who are developing into global citizens as they pursue their studies, independent research, and internships all over the world, and in our University’s embrace of celebrating how global education can promote better cross-cultural communication, mutual respect, and celebrate the dignity of every person.

More students are studying abroad than ever before, we welcomed more international students on campus than ever before, and more faculty are using our Global Gateways and Centers for research, conferences, workshops, and partnerships. There has never been a better time to imagine how you can be involved to bring more of Notre Dame to the world and more of the world to Notre Dame.

We wish you and your loved ones abundant blessings this holiday season and in the new year.

Michael Pippenger
Vice President and Associate Provost for Internationalization
Notre Dame International students celebrate together.

December 18, 2022