In Like a Lion: March at the Browning Cinema

March is the midpoint of the Spring semester, often cleaved by Spring Break. Further, it stands at an interesting juncture of the cinema world. Sundance, Berlinale, the BAFTAs and the Oscars have just wrapped up. In their wake, the summer blockbusters have started appearing, heralding the warmer months and, also, different conversations about movies.

In the Top 3 portion of the podcast, Ted and Ricky lament the hour that slips silently and immediately through the hourglass when Daylight Saving Time ends. As a requiem for that lost time, Ted and Ricky run through films you can enjoy when you don’t have that much time (i.e., really good short feature films (i.e., films under 90 minutes)). In Ted’s mix are a French New Wave classic by Agnès Varda, a mockumentary urtext, and one of Korean auteur Hong Sang-soo’s shorter offerings. Ricky puts forward a film from the Czech New Wave, an anti-nuke narrative from before Dr. Strangelove, and a Christmas classic just in time for the summertime.

DeBartolo Performing Arts Center
About the Podcast:

Podcast hosts Ted Barron and Ricky Herbst chat about the who, what, when, and where of films, festivals, and the cinematic arts.

March 9, 2018

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