Virgin of the Guadalupe: Legacy and Love

Insights from Joe Becherer, the Director of the Snite Museum of Art, discusses images of the Virgin of the Guadalupe in the Snite Museum of Art.

Anonymous 18th century Mexican (Mexican, 1701-1800), Nuestra Senõra de Guadalupe, February 15, 1729, Oil on canvas. Gift of Mr. Ignacio Aranguren, ND ’52, his wife Pirri, and their sons Luis ND ’84, Ignacio ND ’85, and Santiago ND ’92. 2002.018
Snite Museum of Art
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Engage with the Snite Museum of Art by exploring their collection through background information and reflection questions. For more information on the collections, please visit the Snite Museum of Art website.

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May 26, 2020

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