Dare to Imagine Curing Cancer

More than 100 years ago, New York physician William Coley pioneered methods that relied on the body’s immune system to treat cancer. Although quickly surpassed by advances in surgery, radiation, and chemotherapy, using our immune systems to treat cancer remained a tantalizing dream. Excitingly, the last several years have now yielded significant advances in cancer immunotherapy. These have led to remarkable new cancer therapies, including creating genetically engineered immune systems that seek out and eliminate cancer and making patient-specific cancer vaccines that may one day prevent cancer from occurring in the first place. In this talk, Brian Baker will explain the keys to these revolutionary technologies that more than a century later are helping to make Dr. Coley’s dream a reality.

May 22, 2018

Art and HistoryHealth and SocietyScience and TechnologyBrian BakerCancerChemistry and BiochemistryCollege of ScienceDiseaseInnovationResearch

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